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There are scores of fatalities involving cyclists each year on Canada’s roads and thousands more accidents that result in serious injury to the cyclist. Many cycle accidents are caused by the negligence of other road users, most frequently the drivers of cars and commercial vehicles however cyclists themselves often contribute to their predicament by poor riding skills and bad habits. While the rider of a bicycle may be responsible in whole or in part for causing a cycle accident it is most likely a motor vehicle driver that is at fault. If you have been injured in a collision whilst riding a bicycle you should take urgent legal advice from a cycle accident lawyer in order to preserve you legal right to claim compensation if a motor vehicle driver was to blame or contributed to the cause of the accident. The cyclist is in particular peril because he or she has no protection around them and the rider also has to balance on two wheels. Bicycle riders are relatively difficult to see on the road, compounded by frequent failure to display adequate lights at night. Cyclists often break the rules of the road, in particular by jumping red lights thereby putting them at greater risk of a collision with a motor vehicle. Statistics show that cyclists are more than 14 times more likely to be seriously injured or killed than car drivers. Cyclists use the same road as all other motor vehicles, placing them permanently in peril of a cycle accident causing personal injury. The risks for injury to cyclists are worse if there is inclement weather including snow, hail, sleet, rain, frost, wind and fog which often precipitate a cycle accident. If you need advice from a cycle accident lawyer just call the helpline.

Cycle Accident Lawyer - Negligence

There are a number of situations with regard to cycle accidents that are considered appropriate for a legal claim. It is up to a cycle accident lawyer to advise whether or not there is a viable compensation claim based on negligence. The most common cycle accident resulting in a claim is a collision with a motor vehicle or when the cyclist falls off the bike trying to avoid a collision with a motor vehicle. Other common causes of cycle accidents include defective road surfaces, such a potholes and cracks in the road, poor repair of the road and spills onto the roads or debris including excess gravel on the road. A cycle accident lawyer will discuss your claim in detail and advise you there and then of the viability of the claim, the likely chance of success and the estimated amount of compensation that may be awarded.

Personal Injury

Common cyclist injuries include head injuries and spine injuries. Scrapes and abrasions are common unless the rider is wearing thick clothing. Bone fractures are common, especially with accidents involving other vehicles. Many cyclists fracture their wrist because they attempt to stop their fall by putting out their hand :-

    Head Injuries are particularly problematic in cycle accidents. This is especially true if the cyclist isn’t wearing a bicycle helmet. Head injuries can involve something so minor as a concussion or a severe injury resulting in coma and death. Wearing a helmet decreases the risk of head injury. Head injuries can involve days in the hospital and months in rehabilitation before the patient can recover from the injury.

    Spine Injuries are also common injuries in a cycle injury. Spine injuries are generally independent of whether or not you are going wearing a helmet because the helmet doesn’t protect the spine well. Most spine injuries involve the cervical spine and the lumbar spine—the more mobile of the spinal areas. This can result in paralysis of the arms and/or legs that can be permanent.

    Broken Bones are common in cycle injuries. The bones most involved are the pelvis, the wrist and the long bones of the leg. These fractures always require medical attention and require varying amounts of recovery time and rehab time. The wrist is often fractured because the person usually stretches out his or her arm at the time of the fall and it breaks the wrist.

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