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Whilst the driver of a car may be injured in a motor vehicle accident the passengers are usually more at risk of injury because passengers often do not see the collision coming and are not able to brace themselves nor do they have a steering wheel to hold for stability. Most drivers have air-bags to protect them and many passengers do not. There is an increased likelihood that a passenger will be ejected from the vehicle than the driver. In addition, passengers are less likely to wear a seatbelt and, depending on the nature of the accident, are usually at a greater risk of injury than the driver. If you need advice from a passenger accident lawyer just call the helpline.

Conflict of Interest

In the case of a motor vehicle accident, it is advisable that each injured party instruct their own personal injury lawyer, rather than all victims using the same one, just in case a conflict of interest arises. This is because an injured passenger has the right to file a claim against the driver of their own vehicle as well as the driver of the other vehicle and often does so in cases where both drivers are partly to blame. When the accident reconstruction has been completed by a passenger accident compensation claim lawyer, it could be determined that the passenger’s driver carried some or all of the blame for causing the accident. Sometimes it is both drivers who are negligent. In this kind of situation, a claim is filed against both drivers. In all cases the injured passenger will succeed in a personal injury compensation claim either against the third party driver or against their own driver or against both to some degree. A passenger cannot lose a personal injury compensation claim.


Passengers can be injured in several ways. They can be cut by glass flying from the windows. They can be injured by debris. Passengers can fracture their tibia and/or fibula due to impact with the area in front of them. Front seat passengers can strike their head against the windshield. Passengers in any part of the vehicle can be ejected from the vehicle if they are not wearing a restraining device. Concussions or loss of consciousness are possible and passengers can sustain neck injuries or back injuries due to a flexion extension injury to the spine at the time of impact.

Passenger Accident Lawyer - No Win No Charge

An injured passenger should consult with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. No money is exchanged throughout the case. When your passenger accident lawyer wins the case and compensation is received, the lawyer takes an agreed portion of the claim as the legal fee. If your lawyer loses the case, you receive no money, and your lawyer receives no money. This is different from the situation with the defendant, who must pay their lawyer throughout the case.

Contributory Negligence

In accident compensation claims for passenger personal injury, the case is easy to deal with if it has been determined that only one driver was at fault. A claim is made against that driver and the case proceeds on a 100% liability basis. If there has been a determination that more than one driver was negligent, the case becomes more complicated. The passenger accident lawyer must assess the percentage of negligence of all defendants and file appropriate claims for ultimate determination, either by agreement with the other party’s insurers or for determination by a judge after a hearing. In such cases, one claim may be won while another claim is denied or both cases may succeed or both may be lost. It all depends on how the evidence plays out and what the judge thinks of the lawyers arguments for negligence.

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